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          Today, orthopedic medicine has achieved great progress in terms of research and technology. As a result, the treatment of bone and joint problems has benefitted largely. However, as the treatment of bone and joint problems is complex and there is always a risk of complications, it is recommended that one should consult a doctor who is an expert on this field.

          The hospital’s Orthopedic Clinic is equipped with the most modern technology available, and manned by highly experienced team of expert orthopedic surgeons trained and studied in reputable medical institutions here and abroad.The clinic offers fracture surgery, arthritis treatment, osteoarthritis treatment through medication, and joint replacement surgery on the shoulder, hip, or knee. It specializes on knee arthroscopy by orthopedic experts that ensure faster patient recovery.

Consult the hand and Orthopedic Clinic if you have the following symptoms:

- pain or injury to the tendons
- neck pain, back pain, lumbar pain
- fracture or dislocation of the spine and/or arms and legs due to accident 
- injury from playing sports or work-related activities
- pain in the elbow, shoulder, arms and legs
- tendon and muscle tear
- disability or deformity in both children and adults
- spinal deformity
- bow legs
- deformity of hands, feet, fingers, hallux valgus
- legs of unequal lengths
- degenerative osteoarthritis, degenerative hip
- osteoporosis
- inflammation and nerve compression
- locked fingers, numb hands
- limb weakness
- joint swelling, gout, other forms of arthritis

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