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Gastroenterology and Liver Clinic
          The Center provides consultation and diagnosis, as well as comprehensive treatment and care for digestive and liver disease patients. With modern medical facilities and equipment, experienced gastroenterologists and a team of experts, the Center is capable of providing a comprehensive range of services.
The Gastroenterology and Liver Center is committed to providing immediate treatment to patients. Before a surgery, a team of doctors and nurses work hand-in-hand to prepare the patient well. Treatments are monitored closely. Counseling and/or consultation are also provided on how to prevent gastroenterology and liver diseases, or in case of patients, avoid any recurrence.

          The Center offers comprehensive check-up program using modern technology such as X-ray machine, Ultrasound, and Computed Tomography and Endoscopy to diagnose any problems in both the lower and upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

- colonic endoscopy
- colonoscopy
- gastroscopy or checking of the gastrointestinal tract
- endoscopy or checking of the bile duct and pancreas

inquiries and service at : Chularat 11 International Hospital

185/1 moo 1 TumbonBangwua AmperBangpakong chachongsao 24130
Phone Number : 038-500-300-99

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Gastroenterology and Liver Clinic - Chularat 11 International Hospital


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