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         It provides treatment of gynecological diseases for women of all ages – from teenagers to the elderly – by a team of medical professionals who are experts on treating obstetrics and gynecological diseases, as well as care for expectant mothers and those with risky pregnancy. It also provides natural and caesarian packages for baby delivery.

          Education and training for new mothers are also provided, in order to prepare them for pregnancy and motherhood, including gynecological care, counseling and treatment for all women’s health issues.

- pre-marital and pre-maternal counseling
- pre-natal and post-natal care
- Ultrasound to check the health of baby inside the womb
- thalassemia consultation
- care for high-risk pregnancy cases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.
- care for pregnant mothers with premature birth symptoms or other pregnancy-related illnesses
-contraception methods such as administering birth control pills, tubal ligation, IUD, etc.
- care for mothers with abnormal cervical cells, including all types of cancer in women, such as cervical cancer and ovarian cancer
- hysterectomy
- women’s care and counseling
    abnormal vaginal discharge
    genital warts, sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
    abnormal vaginal bleeding

Teams of doctors at Obstetrics – Gynecology Clinic


Obstetrics / Gynecology

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Phone Number : 038-500-300-99

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Obstetrics – Gynecology Clinic - Chularat 11 International Hospital


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