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          Stroke is one of the top causes of death in Thailand and it usually occurs among the elderly. It is also one of the main causes of disability. Stroke cases have been increasing in Thailand recently, so stroke prevention has become one of the priorities of Thailand’s medical sector.

          The risk factors are different for men and women. For men, risk factors include smoking, drinking, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption, physical inactivity or lack of proper exercise. The risk is higher for those who are 45 years old and above. For women, risk factors include diabetes, being overweight, lack of exercise, and high cholesterol.

         The major symptoms of the disease are sudden facial deformity, numbness or weakness on one side of the body, sudden confusion or trouble speaking or understanding speech, etc. When any of these symptoms occur, the patient must be rushed to the hospitals immediately within 3 hours from the occurrence of the symptoms.

          Stroke prevention is important. To minimize the risk factors, people are advised to stop smoking and drinking, exercise, and eat healthy foods. It is important to go to the doctor immediately when stroke symptoms occur.

Rehabilitation therapy
          Rehabilitation aims to reduce the stroke patient’s disability or handicap and help them live normal and independent lives. Rehabilitation involves training recovering patients how to sit, stand, and walk by themselves.

          Rehabilitation therapy aims to train the arms or hands to perform daily activities such as getting dressed, washing the face, brushing the teeth, using the toilet, etc. It also aims to train the patient on how to eat by himself. Speech therapy is also offered. In some cases, some patients require to wear special accessories in their daily lives.

Stroke Clinic of Chularat
          We have experts specialized in diagnosis, prevention and treatment as well as rehabilitation for recovering patients.

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Stroke Clinic - Chularat 11 International Hospital


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