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          Physical therapy is a field of medicine that deals with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of physical disability caused by a disease or ailment, including prevention and rehabilitation, as well as promoting physical and mental wellness. Physical therapy treatment or procedures are based on the recommendations of the doctor or attending physician.

Physical therapy services

- Manual therapy by means of massage and pressure techniques helps soothe and align body parts and improve patient’s condition.
- Hot & Cold therapy, Wave therapy, Aversion or Electrical Stimulation therapy, Laser therapy, and Magnetic therapy are some of the physical therapy methods. Physiotherapists need to consider which treatment is appropriate and the corresponding amount or degree.
- Exercise therapy – physiotherapists need to evaluate whether a certain ailment or its symptoms are caused by bone, muscle or joint disorder, and should come up with a suitable exercise therapy program.
- Selecting the right therapy machine and teaching the patient how to use it by himself.
- Evaluation of conditions in the workplace and provide recommendations to avoid physical problems that may be related to the working environment.
- Sports medicine – rehabilitation of patients suffering from sport injuries in order for them to go back to training or competition as soon as possible. It also involves making recommendations on the strength and degree of training such that possible sports/training injuries are prevented.
- Child development evaluation and diagnosis

Physical therapy techniques
- Using therapeutic ultrasound to reduce back pains, relax the muscles, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.
- Using short wave diathermy to reduce joint pains, reduce muscle inflammation and increase blood flow.
- Chiropractic/osteopathic manipulation of the back and neck to reduce nerve compression due to bone degeneration or herniated disc

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Rehabilitation & Physical therapy Center - Chularat 11 International Hospital


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