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          The brain and the nervous system are the most complex and most important organs in the body. As the center of the nervous system, the brain controls the movements of the body and makes sure that the body’s mechanisms are functioning together properly, including the thinking process, memory, and learning. Any abnormalities of the brain or nervous system should be diagnosed accurately and promptly as these may cause severe paralysis or even death. A little damage on the brain may make the patient to feel paranoid, which may lead to bad behavior that will affect one’s social relationships.

          The Neurosurgical Clinic of Chularat Hospital is fully equipped to provide services to neurosurgery patients by a team of expert doctors and nurses. The use of modern technology and equipment ensure that brain surgeries are performed as safe as possible. Consultations and surgery are available for such issues as head injury, brain damage, brain hemorrhage, stroke, anemia, and water retention in the brain.

Brain disease that can be treated by microsurgery
- brain tumor
- arterial aneurysm (cerebral aneurysm)
- abnormal blood vessels in the brain (arteriovenous malformation)
- cysts
- surgical treatment of water retention in the brain (for elderly patients)
- brain scan

Spinal cord problems that can be treated by microsurgery

- accident-related damage
- tumors
- vascular disorder
- cervical degenerative disc disease
- spinal cord tumor

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Neurosurgical Clinic - Chularat 11 International Hospital


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